PAUL "PABLO" REUTER: Bass, Backing Vocals, Fine Wines

Motto: "Pilot by Day, Rockstar by Night"

1970, designed in 1969

Neil Murray, Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Dee Murray, Glenn Hughes, Will Lee, Marco Mendoza, Oscar Wilde, Voltaire, Douglas Adams, Ethan Gage...

Favorite artists:
See below plus Motley Crue, Ritchie Kotzen, Europe (yes), Rush, Gotthard, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Free, Thunder, Paul Rodgers...

Favorite albums:
Anything by Whitesnake or Bad Company, Journey "Arrival" & "Captured Live", Mr Big "Lean Into It", Elton John "Madman Across The Water", Bon jovi "New Jersey", Tesla's "Psycotic Supper", Night Ranger "Dawn Patrol" and "Man in Motion" Thunder's "Judgement Day" and "Backstreet Symphony" and a million more...

Favorite books:
"Fate Is The Hunter" by Ernest K. Gann, "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, "Lamb" by Christopher Moore, "God Hates Us All" by Hank Moody...

Favorite passtimes:
Music, Books, Cooking, Nursing my Wine Cellar (Or was it "entertaining young nurses in my wine cellar", I seem to mix them up...)

Favorite place on earth:
Tuscany and .... Tuscany...and well, Luxembourg is great as well, Paris is always worth a trip... and did I mention Tuscany?

Most vivid memory:
Long Beach Arena 1983

Favorite food:
Anything Italian, although I would really kill small fluffy animals for Giorgio Locatelli's quail risotto...and a bottle of Avignionesi Desiderio...

Pablo's gear: (for the Gear Nerds out there...)
Sadowsky NYC 5-string Basses, Nordstrand Pick-ups & Basses, Valenti Basses, Genz Benz Streamliner Amps, and of course... RMI Basswitch...