Lupo: Drums & various Headwear

Lupo's the drummer but also owner of the rehearsal facilities. For this reason, we are not able at this time to share details of his exciting life pending authorisation from his lawyer... Ok, well here we go...

name:  Lupo

age:  37   (not true, but he just could get away with it. the webmaster)

most striking musical experience:  hearing the intro to Van Halen's 'Mean Street' for the very first time.

musical fantasy:  to  finish a gig (or a rehearsal) without breaking up some sticks!

1st bought album:  cassette tape: ELO, the one with 'Twilight' on it  /  vinyl: Joan Jett 'I love Rock'n'Roll'

favourite albums:  Sevendust 'Animosity', Pink 'Missundaztood', Toto 'Tambu', Tesla 'Mechanical Resonance', Van Halen 'Balance', Queen 'A Night at the Opera', AC/DC 'Back in Black',  The Electric Amish 'Barn to be Wild' & 'Milkin' it'...anything by MSB

favourite movie:   Shrek, Leon, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Nikita (the french original).

favourite soundtrack:  Dracula

favourite artist:  living: Steve Lukather, dead: Mahalia Jackson (she's got one of those voices that gives me goose bumps.)

what makes you laugh?:  KISS 

what makes you sad?:  SHE KNOWS!

 tell me your best joke:  Q:  Why are amish women never satisfied in bed?  A:  They need two Mennonite! (If you don't get it, it's ok...)

favourite, if you wanna see Lupo's photography please visit

best quote:  'The difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense', Tom Clancy. (especially true after 09/11/01)

hobbies:  everything made out of stainless steel, as my car, my gun and my kitchen stove.

comment:  It feels so friggin' good to play drums when there is a matching bassplayer going along with it!